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Concrete Facade

NewRoad® Concrete

NewRoad® Green Hybrid Concrete Additives

NewRoad® polymers bring new capabilities to concrete while reducing its carbon footprint and emissions significantly. Precisely engineered and manufactured NewRoad® aggregate replacement produces lightweight, high tensile and compression strength mixes that hydrate quickly; absorb vibration and sound; and add insulation R-value to walls, floors, ceilings and roofs - all while repurposing waste plastic and industrial polymers.  For example, a standard 32 lb. concrete block with NewRoad® can weigh as little as 12 lbs. while retaining structural strength.     

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NewRoad® additives are scientifically designed, highly-engineered blends of RECYCLED industrial and structural polymers, saving plastics from the landfill and improving concrete performance.

  • Lightweight concrete: faster, cheaper, more per truckload 

  • Lego Assembly: two humans can build a house

  • Fire, hurricane, mold, water, earthquake, and sound-proof

  • Polymers Provide High R-Factor = no insulation cost 

  • Block requires no mortar, no masonry labor cost

  • Eliminate furring strips, vapor barrier & labor costs

  • Hurricane proof internal concrete/rebar grid

  • 20-70% lighter than normal block = lower cost shipping

  • Less cement = less pollution

  • Typical 4,000-5,600 psi strength vs. 4000 psi standard


The Science Behind it

Concrete is the second most widely-used material in the world next to water, and if the concrete industry were a country, it would be the third largest carbon-dioxide emitter in the world.  NVI Advanced Materials Group uses Recycled Hybrid-Polymer/Plastic-Based additives, which eliminate the need for conventional concrete additives while cleaning up plastic waste and the environment.

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NewRoad® additives are SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED, HIGHLY-ENGINEERED blends of recycled industrial and structural polymers.



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