NewRoad™ Results:

Over four years of DOT, County and City Road, and Commercial Project Torture Testing, and five years of independent and University Lab testing.  


All prove the same results: 

Longer life, less rutting, less cracking, higher batch consistency and the ability to use lower binder grades and lower cost mixes.  


NewRoad provides the highest performance asphalt, lower costs, and improved consistency with a lower carbon footprint for a cleaner environment. 

DOT's Road Installation using NVI NewRoad™ Bead Technology

Performance + Economic Data

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 4.39.23 PM.png


  1. Decrease Hamburg rutting by up to 50%

  2. Increase pavement life by up to 50%

  3. Increase TSR wet strength by up to 65%

  4. Decrease pavement thickness by up to 35%

  5. Thoroughly tested over 3 years in lab and field

  6. Improves batch consistency and seasonal performance

  7. Improved distribution of loads and motion

Cost Savings:

  • Binder Grade Bumping

  • Alternative to Antistrip


Cost Savings:

  • Alternative to Fiber

Cost Savings:

  • Flexibility in Mix Design

  • Decrease Asphalt Content

  • Increase RAP content