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NewRoad® Results:

Over five years of DOT, County and City Road, and Commercial Project Torture Testing, and six years of independent and University Lab testing.  


All prove the same results: 

Longer life, less rutting, less cracking, higher batch consistency and the ability to use lower binder grades and lower cost mixes.  


NewRoad® provides the highest performance asphalt, lower costs, and improved consistency with a lower carbon footprint for a cleaner environment. 

DOT's Road Installation using NVI NewRoad® Bead Technology

Performance + Economic Data

Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 4.39.23 PM.png


  1. Decrease Hamburg rutting by up to 50%

  2. Increase pavement life by up to 50%

  3. Increase TSR wet strength by up to 65%

  4. Thoroughly tested over 6 years in lab and field

  5. Improves batch consistency and seasonal performance

  6. Improved distribution of loads and motion

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