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Improved Materials,

Improved Environment

NVI Advanced Materials Group (NVI) is an American company that engineers and manufactures green, high impact, innovative and affordable new construction technologies.

Our patent pending NewRoad® asphalt and concrete technologies are based on highly engineered, tested and field proven recycled industrial and post-consumer polymers and is used in roads, housing, commercial construction and infrastructure projects to improve performance, increase life, and reduce costs- all while repurposing waste plastic and polymers into industry-changing products.

Our mission is to improve the characteristics and performance of asphalt and concrete - while lowering construction costs - and delivering environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions that are easily implemented using today's construction and paving methods.


Where are NewRoad®

products used?


DOT Road Installation using NVI NewRoad® Bead Technology

In asphalt pavements, where they increase the life of DOT, County and City roads, and in commercial parking lots and driveways, significantly reducing rutting, cracking, and maintenance costs.

NewRoad® additives can:

•Strengthen the asphalt mix — significantly reducing

rutting, moisture damage, and cracking

Provide consistent mix results in all temperatures

and weather environments

By improving the core performance of paving materials, NVI is dedicated to improving the quality of your project,

reducing problems, and leaving you with a low maintenance, eco-friendly result you can be proud of.

Why it


Contractors use a number of different techniques to try to limit the age-old problems of cracking, rutting, slipping, and moisture damage in asphalt. These are called binders, anti-strip additives, and fibers. These techniques include adding various rubbers, fibers, oils, shredded materials, etc., to the asphalt mix.

The NVI Advanced Materials Group's NewRoad® products are scientifically engineered structural polymers.These polymers are of the highest quality and are optimized via patent-pending manufacturing  processes for uses in asphalt and concrete. 


Testing by city, county, state DOT, and private labs have proven the effectiveness of the NVI polymers in all types of asphalt and concrete mix designs.

If you would like your project to have....

Image by Alex Woods

360 degree

uniform binding

Image by Alex Woods

Less rutting

and cracking

Image by Alex Woods

Extended life and lower maintenance

... It Matters.


How it's


NewRoad® additives are scientifically designed, highly engineered formulations based on recycled industrial and structural polymers - coupled with proprietary design enhancements that improve performance, increase batch consistency, and reduce costs of asphalt and concrete mixtures.

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Decrease Hamburg rutting by up to 50%

Increase pavement life by up to 50%

Increase TSR wet strength by up to 65%

Thoroughly tested over 6 years in lab and field

Improves batch consistency & seasonal performance

Improves distribution of loads & motion

Insist on NewRoad® Additives

in your asphalt and concrete projects.

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